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Lillian Hamblin Nelson

Research Project 




Before completing this application, read carefully the Grant Guidelines described in “Lillian Hamblin Nelson Research Paper Request for Proposal.”

Complete the form below by filling in all applicable fields. Required are first name, last name, email address

and file upload of text files provided in

.DOC or .PDF formats.

Please upload two (2) separate

text files including the following:

1. Summary of Proposed Research:

Include a description of the subject to be studied

and an outline of the methods you will employ.

IMPORTANT: Topics of Interest described

in the Grant Guidelines receive priority.
Up to 3,000 characters

2. Researcher’s Qualifications:

Describe your qualifications to conduct this research, write the paper, and present your findings to the Society. Include education, prior research projects

and other relevant experience.
Up to 1,000 characters

Paradise Township

Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Local Historical Research

Grant Opportunity


Paradise Historical Society seeks proposals for research, written report and oral presentation on historical topics of interest relating to Paradise Township, Monroe County, PA.  


Topics Include:

•  Families and Family Histories

•  Resorts, Inns, Guest Houses, Hotels

•  Visitors, Summer Residents and Dignitaries

•  Businesses, Agriculture and Livelihoods 

•  Government, Tax Records, Officials, Schools and School Boards

•  Transportation, Roads, Railroads, Vehicles

•  Churches & Cemeteries 

•  Natural History, Streams, Dams, Hunting, and Fishing

•  Oral Histories  •  Flood of 1955

•  Postcard Collections, Photos, and Memorabilia


Rolling application for grants up to $2,500.

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